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Everything Wildlife maintains an index of wildlife information on a wide variety of animals. We’ll be updating this area as regularly as possible and welcome submissions from others with up to date information in the field.

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Scientific Name: Myrmecobius fasciatus Conservation Status: Endangered (2008 IUCN Red List) Range: Currently occurs in only a few isolated and protected sites.  Once extended from western NSW across to southernWestern Australia. Habitat: Forests, woodlands Diet: Insectivores and with an exclusive [...] View details

Bats Overview

Bats are eutherian mammals of the Order Chiroptera (hand-winged) and the only flying mammals.  There are approximately 900 – 1000 species world wide and over 90 of these are native (and in some cases endemic) to Australia.    They are [...] View details

Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby

The brush-tailed rock wallaby is a marsupial common in Queensland and New South Wales. The population in Victoria is dangerously close to becoming extinct. The decline of this species is due to many things including inbreeding, lack of predator control [...] View details