Help for Wetlands Please

  Cessnock City Council are considering a proposed development by Hardie Holdings of 98 one acre lots at Rosehill on Millfield Rd between Paxton and Millfield, Hunter Valley NSW (EE32/2013 Planning Proposal – Rose Hill, Millfield).  There are many human […]

Hibernation Sale in January!!!!

Massive January sale.  Up to 50% off on most items. Due to the Australia wide retail slump Everything Wildlife is going into hibernation for the foreseeable future.  We may be able to continue some items and we hope to resurrect […]

New Mugs and Things October 2012

New mugs and trays

Costumes And Cuddles

Costumes And Cuddles Costumes We have two very cute kiddies costumes in stock, newly arrived.  A lovely brown kangaroo costume and a very cheeky green crocodile.  These are new from the supplier and they are quite adorable.  The headpiece velcros […]

Decorations and Gifts

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of our new hanging decorations – they are absolutely gorgeous.  Rich with sequins and gold braid and fatly padded.  And finally – a brushtail possum which actually looks like a possum!  While they […]

Spring Needs for Rehabilitation

As I am sure you are all noticing Spring has sprung.  Baby birds are falling out of nests, joey kangaroos are being orphaned and echidnas and blue tongue lizards are on the move. When I started in rehabilitation a long […]

Magpie To The Rescue

Soft toys help baby wildlife! Click on title to read the story.

Stationery Bonanza

I was very excited at the recent gift and giving show to discover some more wildlife wrapping paper.  It has been very difficult to find wrapping paper with Australian native themes.  I found some really lovely blue wrens on red […]

Fine China – Last of the Beautiful Patterns

These are no longer being made so this is your last chance to purchase some very beautiful and uniquely Australian china.

Jewellery, New and Re-photographed

Wonderful new jewellery has arrived and better photographs are being uploaded of the current jewellery,